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Environment, safety and health

Tabuk Cement Company believes that safe work leads to a healthy life.
Environment and safety in the workplace should be the main priority of all
Tabuk Cement company is committed to applying all Saudi and international
standards to preserve the environment, and takes into account all requirements
within the basic principles that adopts in the environment and safety policy,
which aims to:
• Integrate environmental, health and safety considerations into all business
• Promoting a positive environment, health and safety culture.
• Ensure compliance with legal requirements.
• Identify hazards in the workplace, evaluate the related risks and implement
appropriate preventive and protective measures.
• Establish and enforce safe work systems.
• Attracting and appointing employees who have the skills, abilities and
competencies that are appropriate to their role and level of responsibilities.
• Ensure technical proficiency by providing related training courses.
Tabuk Cement Company ensures and monitors the regularity and safety of
production lines filters by implementing complete efficiency , through the
continuous emissions monitoring system CEMS .
In continuation of Tabuk Cement Company’s responsibility towards environment,
safety, employee’s health and surrounding communities, Tabuk cement company
has implemented the Integrated Management System (IMS), which includes the
following international specifications:
SMS ISO45001:2018 – EMS ISO14001:2015 – QMS ISO9001:2015