Client Information

Marketing and Sales

 Our marketing and sales department provides high-quality products and services to our esteemed customers by improving the sales mechanism and upgrading the efficiency of our staff.

  • Marketing: We study and analyze the market conditions to know the strengths and weaknesses and work to strengthen them to provide a service at the highest level.
  • Sales activity: We endeavor, in the Sales Department, to use the best techniques to reach customers, and to raise awareness about the high-quality products we provide at Tabuk Cement Company.

Through Sales Department, we aim to meet the needs of the local market first and then to seek export opportunities that will introduce our products globally, as well as strengthen the partnership with our special local and global clients, which is fostered by our commitment with quantities agreed upon with our customers.


Our products:

We are a leading company in the cement industry where we dedicate all efforts possible to provide our customers with the best quality cement, meeting the highest standard of quality. Our modern factories provide 3 main types of cement:

  1. Portland Cement, Ordinary (bagged - bulk).
  2. Sulphate Resisting Cement (bagged - bulk).
  3. Pozzolan Portland Cement (bagged - bulk).

Sales Department

 We sell our products of Ordinary, Resisting and Pozzolan cement (bagged - bulk) as per published prices, which are subject to change by the market and competition landscape.

Cash Sales

  1. Bagged cement, 50 kg per bag.
  2. Bulk Cement.

Notes on Cash Sales:

  • All transactions should be in Saudi Riyal.
  • Registration at the company and obtaining a customer code will be required to be able to load from the factory.
  • Funds may be deposited into one of the company's accounts in the local banks.

Bank accounts numbers

Serial No.




Al-Rajhi Bank - Duba

SA 3580000283608010048906


The National Commercial Bank – Duba

SA 3610000036647304000101


Arab National Bank – Riyadh



Riyad Bank – Duba

SA 4720000004040308319903


 Credit Sales

 Please visit the Marketing and Sales Department to view the terms, required documents and procedures of the long-term credit sale of bulk and bagged cement (Ordinary, Resisting and Pozzolan).

Quality and ISO Certification

 Our Corporate Bodies are keen to satisfy all our customers, by keeping a persistent commitment to supplying materials with the highest standards to meet their requirements. We endeavored to obtain ISO quality certificates, which are set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regarding quality management to ensure that our products conform to the recognized universal standards.