Our Achievements

  • Nationalization: The Company supports the recruitment of Saudis and provides the appropriate working environment in various sectors.
  • Training: As we're concerned about training, qualifying and developing our employees, and because this element is one of the cornerstones of the success at Tabuk Cement Company, we have offered a number of training programs and projects aimed at staff development, especially the national cadres. 
  • Preserving the Environment: We are committed to preserving the environment, unlocking the full potential to achieve this goal, where we spend millions of Riyals to invest in modern technologies which support and promote the concept of environmental conservation.
  • Increase Production Capacity of the current production line from 4000 tons of clinker/day to 4200 tons of clinker/day.
  • New Cement Mill: The establishment of a new cement mill with a full range of accessories at a production capacity of 4000 tons of cement/day.
  • Second Production Line: The establishment of a second clinker production line with its power plant at a production capacity of 5000 tons of clinker/day.