Tabuk Cement Company

Was established on 20/7/1994 to meet the demands of sustainable development and to support the national economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through cement production. It was established as a Saudi joint-stock company which is wholly-owned by individuals and institutions from Saudi Arabia, as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. It is accredited in the money market and is subject to the stock trading rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The company owns a factory located on Al-Bad' Highway next to Duba Port, 30 km away from Duba city, and headquarters of the General Administration in the city of Tabuk. Through its factory, the company is engaged in a series of major activities to achieve higher production with more efficiency and quality, in order to promote building activities and to contribute to the infrastructure development.


The most significant of these activities are, first, the construction of factories and plants specialized in branching and complementary industries required by cement industry as building materials and so, second, the import and export of cement and related products as well as owning properties and laboratories in order to improve products, in addition to various products manufactured by the company, which include Portland Cement, Sulphate Resisting Cement and Pozzolan Cement and its derivatives.


His Royal Highness, Prince Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud - Prince of Tabuk Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- is the Honorary President of Tabuk Cement Company. He was given this position as recognition and thanks from the Shareholders Assembly for the efforts made by His Highness to carry out this project, and his continuous eagerness to support the company in everything could help achieving its objectives and improve its performance to be one of the key industries in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia.


The Shareholders Assembly of Tabuk Cement Company is the shareholder of the company and is called the "General Assembly". The Assembly performs its tasks and duties in conformity with the Statute and in accordance with the provisions of Companies Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The General Assembly is responsible for appointing the Board of Directors, where its administrative, financial, technical and advisory powers, as well as the terms of reference of the General Assembly, have been laid down in the Statute of the Company. The General Assembly is also responsible for appointing one or more auditors from personnel authorized to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and for fixing their remuneration.