Suppliers Information

Suppliers Registration at Tabuk Cement Company

Tabuk Cement Company maintains a list of approved suppliers which has shown seriousness and competence through continuous engagement with them.

The company tends to deal with new suppliers in case there is a need for new materials or services in the light of the following instructions: 

  • A supplier registration form sent by the company shall be filled and returned either by the official post or E-mail.
  • Upon receipt of the form, and after reviewing the data, it will be entered to the computer system after the approval of the manager. Doing this, the new suppliers will be listed within the computer system so the company can start doing business with them.

Bids and Tenders 

  • When the company has a bid or tender, an invitation will be sent to its approved suppliers, or those who are willing to register as suppliers by advertising in the local newspapers or by direct correspondence via the official post, fax or e-mail.
  • The bids shall be delivered in a sealed envelope entitled with Tabuk Cement Company along with the name of the tender, to avoid opening it by mistake with the regular mail, within the deadline set for the submission.
  • The Tenders and Contracts Committee of the company will open the envelopes on time, study each offer separately, compare them, and make recommendations to the management of the company to award the tender to one of the participated suppliers.